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 Posted: May 11 2017, 12:42 PM
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In your face!

the rules

Note: Rules are subject to change. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask in the Cbox or check out our FAQ

number one There is no word count! We just ask that you be kind to your rp partner and give as much as you can.

number two We are rated Mature. For any threads that have mature content we ask that you please tag your thread with [Mature]. Due to JCINK TOA no one under the age of 18 may be in any threads of sexual nature.

number three Don't do anything permanent to another person's character without permission (kill, maim, break important body parts, knock up, etc etc).

number four Please respect each other and each other's character. Remember the player is not the character and vice versa. Keep all personal disagreements out of the c-box. We are here to have fun.

number five Threads that aren't replied to in a month will be archived, admins can be PM-ed to get them unarchived if a member wants to continue it.

number six Players must have an individual account for each of their characters. No account may share two different characters unless they share the same body. Example would be a character with multiple personality, a character possessed by a npc. When registering a character, register with their First name and Last name. So you would register as Scott McCall or Stiles Stilinski.

number seven We prefer that everyone has images. The avatar size is 250x400. And signatures shouldn't be larger than 500x300. Please do not stretch the board. It should be noted that all face claims must be real life people (most preferably actors or models). Therefore we will not be accepting any anime, cartoons, games, animals, ect. We prefer face claims be of at least 17 years of age.

number eightIf you desire to make a new character, your previous character must first be accepted, all your claims for said character must be filled out, and you must have a shipping thread for that character. No post count for a new character, just have all your characters established before getting a new one. ON that note, if you cannot handle all your characters and keep them active, we ask that you refrain from making any new ones until you catch up on posts. In regards to character limits, players can only have 3 canons, and any number of OC characters.

number nine We have a very important rule when making a character. If you can explain it, we'll allow it. This applies to everything, from what kind of creature the character is, to the face claim itself, and for a character from a different fandom. If the logic is sound, has no gaping plot holes, and doesn't hinder the overall plot of mythos of the creatures in a damning way, we'll accept the reasoning. Also, if you desire to play a species of mythological creature that is not listed in the Bestiary, please PM an admin first and discuss with us everything about the creature. If we accept it, we will let you play it, but it will not be listed in the Bestiary until we see the character in action. Note, for any teenage character, you cannot use any face claim who is 30 or older.

number ten Canon characters are important and if you have a canon character and become inactive and eventually miss the activity check without leaving an Absent Notice, you will lose the character. You may reapply for the character with admin permission. On that note, we will be very hard on canon character application.

number eleven OCs are just as important, but no Mary Sues or Gary Stus. No God modding. Mary Sues and Gary Stus are considered to be characters who are overly perfect. Characters are not perfect. They are flawed. They are human. Also do not expect to instantly get along with other characters. Develop your characters, establish them into the world and who knows, they might just be the one to get the Justice League started.

number twelve Activity check will happen at the last week of the month. Do avoid the activity check, you MUST put something in the AWAY THREAD. If you did not, we will look into your activity. If you have a canon character you must post at least AT LEAST ONCE A WEEK. OCs need to have at least ONE POST per MONTH. Any characters that did not meet the requirement will be opened up again for other players.

number thirteen Please be respectful in the C-Box and forum in general. No advertising (except for our advertisement area), trolling, spamming, or fighting. Disrespect towards the staff or its members will not be tolerated.

number fourteen Advertising will only be tolerated in the advertising section. Don't bother members in private messages or in the c-box, and don't post links in your signature.

number fifteen This site is a semi-panfandom, which means we do allow for canon characters from other series. We will be allowing for canon characters for the following series: Supernatural (pre-season 4), Charmed (post series), Sleepy Hollow, and Bitten. However, if you wish to play a character from a series that is not listed here or that isn't banned, you may do so by contacting the admin and PMing them the appropriate form. We are open to almost any series as long as it makes sense and can fit into Teen Wolf. For the sake of plot, we will not be taking in any vampires from any series until further notice. For the sake of continuity, any supernatural creature of being shall follow the guidelines listed in our Bestiary. For the sake of control, we will not be taking any characters from any series involving superheroes, based on comics, or sci-fi (ext Marvel, DC, Dr. Who, Star Wars ect).

number Sixteen Any application that has been discovered to be plagiarized, stolen, or even just a copy paste from a published source that is not your own work will be immediately denied.

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